Architectural Detailing

If you are looking to spruce up the interior of your home, look no further than Martin Perri Interiors.


Architectural Detailing

There are numerous pieces that must come together in order to create a beautiful interior space. At Martin Perri, our architectural detailing services provide the foundation for a truly dynamic residence. We pay acute attention to detail throughout the process, and ensure every element of the space exists in harmony with the overall design goals.   

Our Process

Pre-construction planning

Before any work begins, our firm will meet with you to discuss design goals, budget and timeline. Whether your project is a remodel or completely new construction, proper planning is essential. Every detail will be considered to ensure your design project runs smoothly. 

Space planning

No matter what the size of your space is, we want every square inch to have a purpose and a plan. Our team of design professionals will layout the interior of your project while remaining sensitive to the flow and circulation patterns of your space. We consider a variety of factors when creating the spatial plan, such as your priorities, furniture preferences, design considerations, maneuverability, and your overall project goals.

Lighting design

Lighting choices aren’t merely about style – they dictate the way you view your home on a daily basis. Lighting is a major component of the ambiance of a room, and can even influence the perceived size, temperature and comfort of any space. We fit the type and placement of lighting to each individual room, combining stylish design with functionality. 

Interior specifications

Before the planning process is completed, we will define the interior specifications for your project. This includes (but is in no way limited to): selection of finishes for various areas such as cabinets, floors and ceilings; design and appearance of appliances; door selection (interior and exterior); and specification of trims and other inside ornamental detailing.

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