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Vagabond House


Elk Pewter Stem Cocktail Glass

Unique to Vagabond House, the stems of our Noble Elk Pewter Stemmed Cocktail Glass Set rest on a weighted round base, the stem is an intricately detailed figural head of a noble elk possessing a regal rack of antlers. The cocktail bowl is generous in size and classically shaped to allow your guest to enjoy the beauty and aromas of their drinks.

Additionally, as a functional and exclusively Vagabond House feature, the bowls of our cocktail glasses are replaceable, allowing our beautiful artisan stemware to serve in your home for a lifetime. These are the perfect glasses for serving Black Forest Martinis or any gourmet cocktail creation.

Size: 8.25 H" 10 oz.
Care: Hand wash recommend - if placing in the dishwasher use low heat and non-acidic detergent