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Arthur Court


Salad Bowl Large

Serve up rivers of fun in our boat-shaped wood salad bowl. The hand-turned bowl’s food-safe-finish shows off the rich wood grain. Durable acacia is resistant to liquids, allowing our bowls to remain stain and odor-free for life. Perfect for salad serving or as your favorite counter-top fruit bowl.

Our boat-shaped salad bowls are versatile and can be used for many purposes, we have served fruit salad, pasta, chili, and popcorn in them. Arthur Court Acacia Wood is kid-friendly and completely food-safe, with no sharp corners, no splinters. Trust the genuine Arthur Court brand to use responsible foresting techniques and environmentally friendly acacia wood.

Size: 3"H x 9"W x 16"L
Care: Mild dish soap and warm water - oil yearly with mineral oil