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Vagabond House


Salad Bowl Butterfly

Two fluttery butterflies rest on the bowl edges of The Nut Hut's Butterfly Salad Bowl. The hand-turned wok style bowl is crafted in hard, long-wearing Acacia. Beautiful, intricate butterflies cast in The Nut Hut pewter alight on either side of the bowl. The cool tones of the luxury pewter butterflies contrast beautifully with the warm chatoyancy of the golden Acacia.

Beautiful butterflies have joined the gang in The Nut Hut’s Garden Friends Collection. Adding winged wonder to a variety of table and decorative products, they bring the essence of sunshine and outdoor celebrations to any occasion.

Size: 18.5" L / 16" W / 4.5" T
Care: Hand-wash, dry completely. Use Acacia hardwood mineral oil wood when new, then once a year.