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Vagabond House


Salad Bowl Crab In Net

Vagabond Houses’ Crab in Net Salad Bowl is hand-crafted using the hardwood, Acacia. Warm golden tones in the wood contrast with the silvery luxury pewter “crab in a net” figural embellishment. Modeled from the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab, this net climber sports many details, jointed legs, wicked claws, and little round eyes, appearing wide with curiosity.

At sea or onshore, you will find products that delight in the Vagabond House Sea and Shore collection. From mighty Kraken style octopi to delicately detailed sea turtles and romantic sailboats, this collection spans marine life and adventure from sea to shore.

Size: 12.5" D / 5" H
Care: Wood Care: Oil 1x when new, then yearly with mineral oil. Let it soak in 1 hour or more, then wipe off. Hand wash in warm water, use mild, non-acidic soap. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.