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Kim Seybert


Luna Wine Glass in Citrine, Set of 4

The hand-crafted, mouth-blown Luna Wine Glass brings a modern elegance to any table. ¬ ¨‚ĆThe glass features optic details on the surface of the bowl that catch and reflect light at different angles. These unique glasses are made by hand using colored glass in the Czech Republic. ¬ ¨‚Äâ€

COLOR: Citrine

DIMENSIONS: 3.4" Length x 3.4" Width x 9.4" Height

WEIGHT: ¬ ¨‚Ć0.34 ¬ ¨‚Ćlb.

MATERIALS: 100% Glass

CARE: Glasses are safe for dishwasher temperatures but handwashing is recommended for years of continued use.