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Arthur Court


Modern Round Acacia Wood Salad Bowl Large

Modern art bowl adds freshness to anything you serve in it. The hand-turned bowl’s food safe-finish shows off the rich wood grain. Durable acacia is resistant to liquids, allowing our bowls to remain stain and odor-free for life. Perfect for salad serving or as your favorite counter-top fruit bowl.

Arthur Court's acacia salad bowls are versatile, serving any type of salad, composed dish, or snacks your family loves. These beautiful, chatoyant acacia bowls are kid-friendly with no sharp corners, no splinters, and completely food safe. They are perfect on the counter for after school fruit and snacks. Trust the genuine Arthur Court brand to use responsible foresting techniques and environmentally friendly acacia wood. Do not use in the microwave or clean in the dishwasher.

Size: 4.5"H x 11" Diameter
Care: Mild dish soap and warm water - oil yearly with mineral oil.