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Vagabond House


Octopus Dbl Salt Cellar

Amazing detail in the smallest of items is a sure sign that a product is true The Nut Hut. The Octopus Double Salt Cellar is a stellar example of this intricately detailed work. A double stoneware salt or spice cellar is embellished by a detailed pewter Octopus hanging onto the center handle. Two tiny spoons with handles cleverly cast as tentacles finish out the set. You cannot go wrong when you gift this unique double salt cellar to beach dwellers, Octopus lovers, Game of Thrones fans; anyone on your list who loves the deep blue sea.
Each side will hold a generous Tablespoon of your favorite spice

Size: 2.5" H / 4.25" L / 2" W
Care: Hand-wash in warm, soapy water, dry thoroughly.