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Arthur Court


Octopus Tray With Glass Dome

In true Arthur Court Coastal Living style, this unique, elevated tray with a glass dome is imagined as majestic Octopus presenting a tray with edges like ocean waves. Hand-crafted with amazing detail, the mystical ocean dweller’s tentacles curl and swirl as they lift the tray 3.5 inches from your tabletop. A substantial, hand-blown Italian glass dome is included to cover and keep fresh all treats you serve on this whimsical piece. Perfectly for a small cake and even more so for a few cupcakes, cookies or a couple of nice cheese selections. This tray is bound to become a much-loved serve and décor treasure in your home, present for all celebrations and everyday joy. Plate 3.5” high- Plate with Dome 8.25” high -Diameter 8”

Size: 9" x 9" x 8.5" T
Care: Hand-wash only with warm water and mild, non acidic soap and dry immediately. Aluminum is not dishwasher safe!