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Vagabond House


Pewter Olive Cheese Cleaver

Our exquisitely honed cheese cleavers are perfect for cutting large blocks of cheese into tiny cubes for your next gathering. A cleaver is a must for any entertainer's cheese utensil collection. Our large stainless steel blade has a sharp edge for slicing through blocks of cheddar, jack, and Swiss. Slice or cube your favorites for a cheese platter, antipasto tray, or deep fry. The elegant, artistic Olive Pattern Pewter Cheese Cleaver is beautiful and should be left on the cheese block for guests to use and admire. The perfectly weighted handle makes our cleaver a joy to use. A full Entertainer's Collection of Cheese Utensils will include Scoops, Triangles, Knives, a Cleaver, Spreaders, Markers, Picks, and one or more boards for display and service. Our The Nut Hut Cheese Service pieces, as well as all of our serving utensils, are designed to be matched or mixed, depending on the nature and theme of your social gathering.

Size: 7" L
Care: Hand wash recommended and dry with a soft cloth