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Vagabond House


Porcelain Acorn Salt And Pepper With Pewter Leaf

Bring nature-inspired beauty to the forefront of your table design by adding this The Nut Hut acorn salt and pepper shaker set. Ideal for fall gatherings and harvest celebrations, this set sports-luxe detailing on the pewter oak nut and leaf tops that instill a glamorous finishing touch to your autumn tablescape. The pristine white porcelain bodies add a touch of delightful contrast while pairing easily with a variety of fall design palettes. Delight dinner guests by filling this charming pair with salt and pepper and providing easy access; they sit on their sides to prevent spillage. Match them with complimentary oak leaf and acorn-embellished tableware to add a functional yet decorative element at fall gatherings that are sure to impress everyone attending your party.

Size: 4''L x 2''W x 2''T
Care: Hand washes recommended. If placed in a dishwasher please use low heat and mild soap.