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Vagabond House


Quail Place Card Holder

Amazing detail on a miniature pewter quail sets The Nut Hut’s Pewter Quail Place Card-holder above standard table décor. Each feather of the tiny fowl is delicately detailed capturing the nuanced shadings of a wild quail. A slot in the mid-section holds a card to announce a seating or describe a dish.

The Nut Hut’s Morning Hunt Collection reflects the tradition of sport, the season, the hunt, and the event of dining. Crafted in intricate pewter, burled woods, and sturdy stoneware, these pieces bring the adventure and creatures of small-game hunting to your fine dining table, lakeside retreat, or post-slam feast.

Size: 1.5" L / 1" W / 1.25" T
Care: Dry dust. If needed, hand wash in warm water, use mild non-acidic soap. Rinse, dry completely.