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Vagabond House


Quail Salt And Pepper Set

Vagabond House’s Pewter Quail Salt and Pepper Set is a pair of tiny quail statues. This lovely, loving quail couple tilt their heads towards each other as if conversing about things the only quail could know. Intricately detailed feathers and life-like posing are the hallmarks of Vagabond House-master pewter smiths. Replaceable plastic plugs fit snugly into the fill holes on the bottom of each piece.

Vagabond House’s Morning Hunt Collection reflects the tradition of sport, the season, the hunt, and the event of dining. Crafted in intricate pewter, burled woods, and sturdy stoneware, these pieces bring the adventure and creatures of small-game hunting to your fine dining table, lakeside retreat, or post-slam feast.

Size: 3" L / 2.25" W / 2" T
Care: Hand washes recommended with a soft cloth.