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John Richard


Set of Four Men at Rest in Verde

With a Verde finish, time stands still for these four men who are deep in thought while enjoying a relaxing day.


  • These items are made by hand using artisanal primitive bending and welding techniques.
  • The imperfections in the seams and body are reflections of the pieces' handmade nature and are part of their innate beauty.
  • No two will be identical.

(1) 7"H X 4"W X 4.5"D
(2) 6.75"H X 2.75"W X 4.5"D
(3) 6.25"H X 3.25"W X 3.5"D
(4) 6.25"H X 3"W X 5"D

Special Order – Usually Ships in 8 to 12 Weeks