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Marcelle Ferron


Original Artwork: Marcelle Ferron Oil Canvas

Biography: Born: 1924 - 2001. A prominent contemporary Canadian artist in the mid to late 20th Century, Marcelle Ferron was based in Quebec, but spent thirteen years in France, beginning 1953. There she did large-scale abstract painting and became skilled in stained glass, which became her signature work. The Champ-de-Mars metro station in Montreal has a large Ferron stained-glass window with bold geometric design and color. Other venues are the Place du Porage in Gatineau, Quebec, and the Granby, Quebec courthouse.Of the years she spent in France, it is written that the experience transformed her style, that it . . ."opened up her work. . .loosened her previously tense and somewhat forced gestures. Her canvases became larger, the brush-work less crowded and more dynamic. Though now laden with heavy areas of impasto, her work began to breathe. . . it was 'daybreak after winter'. . . . Every painting that emerged from Ferron's studio during this period was an imprint of her intuitive esponse to gesture, colour, movement and form. Emotional response was everything." (Tippett, 119-121)Ferron became a major influence artistically, especially with her public art and her leadership in the introduction of abstract, non-traditional art expression in Quebec. She was born in Louiseville, Quebec and was an early member of the 1940s Automatistes art movement, led by Paul-Emile Borduas. Eminating from Quebec, it was a combination of surrealism and automatism and through exhibitions spread to New York and Paris. For her enduring influence as a Quebec artist, Marcelle Ferron received the Paul-Emile-Borduas medal for the visual arts from the government of Quebec. In 2000, she received one of Canada's most prestigious honors, which was Grand Officer of the National Order of Quebec.

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Attributed to [Marcelle Ferron] : The work may be ascribed to the artist on the basis of style, but there may be some question as to authorship.  It does not have a COA. Medium: oil canvas. 24 x 36 Canvas framed: 41 x 29 inches.