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Vagabond House


Row Boat Salt Cellar

Imaginative Divided Rowboat Salt cellar is a perfect finishing touch for your creative tablespaces. Designed to hold two spices, the luxury-grade pewter boat comes with two miniature spoons imagined as the rowboat oars. The spoons clip into the oarlocks so they are not easily lost when not use.

At sea or on-shore, you will find products that delight in the The Nut Hut Sea and Shore collection. From mighty Kraken style octopi to delicately detailed sea turtles and romantic sail-boats, this collection spans marine life and water adventures from sea to shore.
Each side will hold a generous Tablespoon of your favorite spice.

Size: 3.25" W / 3.75" L / 1.25" T
Care: Hand-wash in warm, soapy water, dry thoroughly.