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Vagabond House


Squirrel Double Salt Cellar

Perched on a pewter twiglet dividing The Nut Hut’s Squirrel Double Salt Cellar, Stanley, the company signature squirrel is offering up a tiny acorn to go along with your chosen spices. Crafted in fine stoneware, the white divided cellar holds salt or spices of your choice. The Nut Hut's trademark artistic attention to detail in pewter is on full display, note the tiny oak leaf handles of the 2 pewter salt spoons.

The Nut Hut’s Woodland Creatures Collection brings a happy home. Spunky squirrels, playful bears, and curious raccoons are among the whimsical pewter forest dwellers frolicking on a natural log, acacia wood, fine stoneware, and glass creations designed to bring smiles to your table and home.
Each side will hold a generous Tablespoon of your favorite spice

Size: 2.5" H / 4.25" L / 2" W
Care: Hand-wash in warm, soapy water, dry thoroughly.