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Pierre Giraudon


Pierre Giraudon Table Lamp

A Very Rare Vintage Table Lamp, Exploded Clock set into Clear Resin by French Artist: Pierre Giraudon.  Mid-Century Modern, France C1975.
Dimensions: 22.83" ht x 13.78" w x 7.09" Depth.

Pierre Giraudon was born in 1923. After a stay in Canada, he returned to France in 1949 and introduced the technique of resin inclusion casting. He was a well-known biologist and was the first to use products he invented specially for the purpose to encase plants, animals, and other subjects in resin for universities. During the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, he made sculptures, lamp bases, and objects out of colored resin, with and without inclusions. At the same time he was making these personal creations, he was also working for César. Yet he always declined to be called an artist, because he considered himself first and foremost a biologist. He passed away in 2012.